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Community Garage Door Service Chester, PA 484-404-0073Garage doors are a system of many components and garage door springs plays a major role in its functionality. It is quite obvious that the springs are those parts, which require replacements often. It is important to maintain these springs, as these are the parts that take up the excessive weight of the door on a daily basis. Garage door springs are sensitive, as they need to hold and close the door slowly and effectively. It is important to hire the right kind of professionals, since springs must be installed and handed with extreme care.

We have a dedicated team of experts, who deal with springs exclusively. A failure of a spring can lead to a major injury to people and property. A combination of skill, knowledge and experience is required to handle spring-related issues in garage doors, as the process of aligning the spring in the system is very complicated. Community Garage Door Service has been assisting and advising customers in Chester, PA with respect to spring services and its advantages.

We deal with only top quality products, as it is important to use a quality product for better results. Customers can choose between two options:

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are a result of modern advancements, and have been the pick of the day in the present generation. Torsion springs are becoming popular over traditional extension springs, as they are considered to be more durable and a lot safer than their counterparts. The torsion spring system works on a unique concept, where the spring system tightly surrounds over the shaft and cables are connected at both ends. In case of failure, the doors are still suspended on the cables and do not come crashing down. This added safety measure is what makes these springs a hit with consumers.

Such springs are widely used in the residential and commercial sector, but the type, size and number of springs used varies according to the specifications. A multiple spring technology is used for industrial and commercial garage doors, since they undergo heavy duty usage. For the right choice of springs, consult an expert from Community Garage Door Service. We can get a torsion spring system installed at your location at an affordable price.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are quite old school, but are still widely used in industrial garage doors. Extension springs works on the simple principle of expansion and contraction and can handle heavy weight without losing out on their durability. The installation process is simple, yet is not to be attempted by a novice.  Extension springs, despite their endless capabilities, are meant to be used with proper care and require timely maintenance checks for effective functioning.

At Community Garage Door Service, we provide all spring-related services under roof. Right from assessment to recommendations to installation of the appropriate system, we do it all. We also provide periodic maintenance checks to ensure seamless functioning at all times. Call us on 484-404-0073 to avail our outstanding service.